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Da Kine vom Kaitersberg

6th International Kaitersberglauf (Kaitersberg Mountain Running)

Accept the challenge and become „Da Kine von Kaitersberg (The King or the Queen of Kaitersberg)“!

Dear Athletes,

we happily invite you on 20st September 2020 to the "6th International Kaitersberg Race – Da Kine vom Kaitersberg" for the "ULI GOGOLIN REMEMBRANCE TROPHY" to Bad Kötzting in the beautiful Bavarian Forest.
There you will find a racecourse, which is a scenic highlight but also extremely challenging. It's an exhausting trail in a wonderful environment. Breathtaking! The more your power is shrinking the more it demands from you – from your condition, but also technically and mentally. But remember: "The pain will disappear, but the pride will stay." Once you conquer the 600m altitude difference, you will feel like the "King or Queen of Kaitersberg."
Again, we will do everything to provide you with a memorable sports event. This year the attendance will be limited to 333 participants. This is because we want to make sure that we can take care of every participant to the fullest and that you won't just be left in the background. But that also you means: "First come, first served."
We look forward to seeing you on 20st September 2020! Then we will take you to the peak again!

Location: Bad Kötzting/Bavarian Forest

Date: Sunday, 20st September 2020

Venue: Bad Kötzting, Schulsportplatz

Application deadline: 12th September, 12:00

Organizer: TV Bad Kötzting


1. Course Discription:

Start: Schulsportplatz at Bad Kötzting (390 m)

Destination: Kreuzfelsen (999m)

Course: 7 km., vertical height: 609m

Course Description: about 300 m asphalt street, than grassland-, forest-, and mountain path

1.5 km of plane racing course, then constantly rising, partly technically difficult mountain paths

2. Timetable:

Start: 11am

Closing finish line: 12:30pm

Award Ceremony: around 3pm at Schulsportplatz

3. Assessment:

Male (constant assessment without considering their age group)

Senior (male) U 18, U 20, M 30, M 40, M 50, M 60, M 70

Female (constant assessment without considering their age group)

Senior (female) U 18, U 20, W 30, W 40, W 50, W 60, W 70

Minimum Age: 14

In case there are less than three runners in one age group they will be included in the lower age group.

4. Awards:

Material gifts for the winners of each age group

The quickest runners of the day (female and male) are awarded with the title „Da Kine vom Kaitersberg“.

5. Registration:

Register by "Anmeldung" before 12th September 2020, 12:00 

6. Registration Fees:

17 €

There is no possibility for late registration on competition day.

7. Starting Documents:

Given on 20th September at Dreifachturnhalle from 8am

8. Return transport:

private cars from Reitenberg or run back to Bad Kötzting

9. Changing room, bath rooms:

At Dreifachturnhalle

10. List of results:

At or available at around 5pm

11. Nordic walking poles

Are not allowed

12. Refreshment stations

at 5.8km

13. Futher information at and our Facebook Site